Stephen Burdick Design

Estimates are cheerfully provided at the outset of our design or illustration adventure to make your experience a pleasant one. The estimate outlines fees associated with completing the job -- project management, design roughs, graphics & illustration, page layouts, converting photos for print, transfer of production files, and coordination with the printer or web service. If you're working within a fixed budget for your design and printing needs, let us know and we'll try not to smirk.

Costs are calculated to cover one round of author's alterations at the layout stage -- many clients find it helpful to polish their work in a layout -- but multiple changes to copy and art will be charged at an hourly rate and confirmed with a Change Order. Extra fees may include high resolution proofing materials, deliveries, long-distance phone/fax charges, and couples counseling. Design estimates do not include photographers fees, printing or web-server costs, or extensive text coordination ("Just download all the text from our site, and delete all the redundant tags!"). These can be cheerfully quoted separately. Estimates must be signed and returned with a deposit to initiate the project. Your seat must be in an upright position before takeoff.

Presentations of design roughs and final layouts are provided as pdf documents via email or hard copy for review. It is the client's responsibility to thoroughly review and approve all content in the proofs, avoiding costly revisions on press, online, or overhead -- as contents may have shifted during the voyage. A limited number of proofs are included in the estimate for each stage of the design process. Multiple proofs are provided for an additional cost. Client sign-off is required at each stage of the project. Proofs can approved via email, fax or carrier pigeon.

Change Orders are issued when the parameters for a job exceed the original estimate (if a 40-page book becomes a multi-volume oeuvre), or when the imagery is revised after the first round of approval (the dogs should be cats). The change order reflects the costs of design time and materials of any extensive addition or redirection, notifying the client that the final invoice will reflect these new costs. It is not an invoice. Remain calm.

Final Files are sent to the printer (or file server for posting online). Print coordination (quotes, proofing, delivery and mailing arrangements) can be included in the estimate or handled by the client. While some clients like to have a pdf version of their print job for online viewing, all final layouts and graphics remain the property of the designer. These can be transferred on disk to the client for a buyout fee or arm wrestling match.

Invoices are issued at the outset of the job (one-third to one-half of the signed estimate due to initiate the project), and when the final artwork is delivered (and the captain gives the all-clear signal when we reach the gate). The invoice statement reflects the initial estimate, credits any amounts paid, adds any change order amounts and outside expenses. Payment is due on receipt (check with your company's accounts-payable policies before signing the estimate and agreeing to these terms). Invoices unpaid after 30 days incur a late 1.5% charge per month (18% per year). Deadbeat clients will be throttled.